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AB Capital Group

The AB Capital Group (AB Capital) is one of the Philippines' leading financial services institutions focused on the capital markets. AB Capital & Investment Corporation (ABCIC) is an investment house that has built its capability on three major areas of strength: corporate finance, fixed-income securities dealership and fund management. AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI), is one of the oldest stock brokerage houses in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The history of the AB Capital Group began more than thirty years ago with the establishment of Anscor Finance, Inc., a financing and leasing company, by the A. Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) in 1980. In 1981, with the first quasi-banking authority given to a Philippine institution in years and with a newly granted investment house license, Anscor Finance, Inc. became Anscor Capital and Investment Corporation, which today is known as AB Capital & Investment Corporation. In the same year, the financing and leasing operations of the company were spun-off and a separate entity, Anscor Finance Corporation, was created.

At the very start, AB Capital envisioned itself to become a diversified financial services institution with a strong focus on the capital markets. Thus, in 1982, Anscor Capital acquired 80% of one of Manila's leading stock brokerage firms, FC Hagedorn & Company renaming it Anscor Hagedorn Securities, Inc. In 1983, Anscor Capital acquired a stock transfer firm, Stock Transfer Services, Inc., which used to be a subsidiary of Anscor, the parent company. A year later, in 1984, the Group acquired majority interest in what was then Asian Savings Bank. Driven by the expertise and reputation of its key people and the solid backing of its stockholders, the Group readily established its leadership in the field of investment banking during the first decade of its operation. In 1990, the Group expanded its role in the financial sector by upgrading the savings bank license of Asian Savings Bank to a commercial banking license. The bank was then renamed AsianBank Corporation. AsianBank proceeded to become a universal bank in 1996 and emerged as one of the significant players in the Philippine banking industry, ranking 18th among 54 commercial banks in 1999. However, despite the Bank's noteworthy performance, during that year the Group divested its holdings in AsianBank as part of the ongoing consolidation in the banking industry. With the AsianBank divestment, AB Capital will now focus on its traditional areas of strength, specifically the capital markets. With this renewed focus, AB Capital will continue to nurture and strengthen its relationships with the following customer segments: the prime corporate sector and high net worth individuals and institutions. For the corporate sector, AB Capital will provide alternative sources of financing as well as investment management services. AB Capital has a solid track record in the management and underwriting of both debt and equity issues as well as in the arrangement of private placement transactions. Furthermore, AB Capital has the ability to deliver innovative financing structures that allow corporations to minimize the cost of capital. For its high networth clients, AB Capital provides a full suite of investment management services that cater to the diverse requirements of these clients. AB Capital is an established player in the fund management business and, for active investors, has the infrastructure to provide investment advice and execution services, both in the fixed income and equity markets.

In March, 2011, the Vicsal / Metro Gaisano Group of Companies acquired a 95-percent stake in AB Capital and Investment Corporation as part of the former’s expansion in the financial services business. We will focus on AB Capital Securities, Inc. as its flagship stock brokerage unit as it has been in the business for a longer time and had a bigger client base.

AB Capital Securities, Inc.

AB Capital Securities, Inc.(ABCSI), formerly Anscor Hagedorn Securities, Inc. or AHSI, has long been one of the Philippines' leading stock brokerage firms. Today it takes pride in being one of the pioneers in online stock trading. With over thirty years of industry presence, AB Capital Securities, Inc. has become a major player in the Philippine financial markets. The firm consistently ranks among the country's top brokerages in terms of turnover.

Apart from traditional brokerage operations, ABCSI, through its institutional clientele and research group, provides AB Capital and Investment Corporation with the distribution infrastructure and market support for its equity underwriting activities. Additionally, ABCSI's customers have access to in-depth fundamental and technical research provided by its research team.

True to its pioneering spirit, ABCSI took the lead in today's Information Age, being among the first local brokerages to offer online stock trading via the Internet. ABCSI's online trading facility allows the investor himself to buy or sell any stock listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) using any digital device. ABCSI is prepared to embrace the New Economy and is equipped with the experience, staff and resources to meet the needs of today's new generation of techno-savvy customers.

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