Soltana Nature Residences: a Good Place to Raise Children

For us parents, the most precious treasures we have are our children. For this reason, we parents always have the interest of our children uppermost in our minds especially when we chose the place where we will live.

According to Pam Leo, an instructor at the Academy for Coaching Parents, International, young children prefers to be in a natural environment.

“They want to be outdoors, in the fresh air and sunlight, barefoot and naked, surrounded by grass, trees, and flowers, hearing the birds and the wind, playing in water with sticks and rocks. If you ask most grade school children what is their favorite part of school, they say outdoor recess,” Leo wrote in her article posted on the Natural Child Organization website:

She added that children eat and sleep better, and are happier if they are allowed to spend time outdoors where they can do what they want to do: run, jump, climb, swing, and play.

In contrast, Leo said children become cranky and disagreeable if they spend much of their time indoor, “breathing stale air, surrounded by synthetic fabrics, playing with plastic toys, eating foods that contain artificial coloring and preservatives.”

Recognizing this need, Taft Property Venture Development Corporation, one of most reliable real estate developer in Cebu, has come up with a project that offers a perfect environment for raising children: the SOLTANA NATURE RESIDENCES.

Located in Mactan Island, Soltana Nature Residences will feature themed gardens, a lush orchard forest, a sky garden, a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall, a basketball court and jogging lanes. Even the buildings are 20 meters apart, which is very seldom seen in other real estate developments.

For children, Soltana has a children’s pool and a children’s playground.

If you want to buy great quality Cebu condominium, Soltana Nature Residences is a perfect choice for you, especially if you have children.

What more could you ask for? Don’t delay. Reserve your unit now.

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